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The Kashmir teenager got his bat back after 19 days

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The confiscation of a bat from a seven-year-old boy in Camp Gowda, India has sparked debate. On December 14, the airport security forces stopped the incident of taking a cricket bat with him while boarding the flight to go to Kashmir. The bat was confiscated at Camp Gowda airport in Karnataka due to security issues.

The incident of a seven-year-old boy named Mohammad Shoaib Dar leaving his cricket bat in this manner started a discussion in the Indian media. The Times of India reported that on December 14, Khalida (the mother of the teenager) was traveling from Camp Gowda to Srinagar in Kashmir on an IndiGo flight. Just before boarding the plane, the airport security staff kept the bat from him for security reasons.

The Civil Aviation Bureau of India has listed the cricket bat as a safety risk product. So it cannot be taken as hand luggage. Shoaib Dar’s mother was informed that the bat would be kept in the lost and found section of the airport. Then the uncle of the teenager, Ahmed Jahangir, contacted the helpline of Indigo Biman to retrieve the bat. But his efforts failed, the bat worth Rs 10,000 was never found.

The boy’s uncle told The Times of India, ‘Shoaib has been eagerly waiting for Kashmir ever since he heard his mother would bring the bat. Shoaib is very disappointed after the Camp Gowda airport incident.’

This incident of missing bat was detailed in a report of Times of India on December 25. After the news came in the media, the Bangalore International Airport authorities started to rescue it. The bat was recovered within a few days.

After that, the bat was returned to Kishore Shoaib’s uncle Jahangir last Friday by the airport authorities. He also gave another gift. After receiving the bat, Shoaib’s uncle said, ‘I am very happy to get the bat back. I have couriered the bat to Kashmir.’ Dar will get the bat in Kashmir on Wednesday, he said.


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