Home Business The journey of two more branches of fashion house Myclo has started in Dhaka

The journey of two more branches of fashion house Myclo has started in Dhaka

The journey of two more branches of fashion house Myclo has started in Dhaka

Two new branches of fashion house Myclo Bangladesh have been inaugurated in Dhaka. A notification informed that Tahsan Khan, a popular singer and actor in Dhaka’s Mirpur and Uttara, inaugurated two branches on the night of March 8. Earlier this new retail fashion brand surprised by opening 8 branches in Dhaka and Narsingdi last November.

After inaugurating the new branch, Tahsan Khan said, ‘From now on, you will see me regularly with ready-made clothing brand Myclo Bangladesh. Hope the continuation of good things and new surprises will continue.’

After the inauguration of both the branches, Babu Arif, Director of Creative Design Innovation and Marketing of Miclor said, ‘The aim of this organization is to provide international quality daily wear and sales services as well as establish it as a fast growing brand in Bangladesh. With this aim, the e-commerce platform has officially started its journey to deliver the preferred daily wear to all customers across the country. From now on, customers will be able to shop more seamlessly through the 24/7 e-commerce platform.

Babu Arif also said, ‘Miclo Bangladesh is inspired by Japanese clothing, lifestyle and values. As a result, Japanese standards are getting priority for us. Similarly, efforts are being made to ensure maximum environmental protection at every stage of garment manufacturing and delivery to customers. I believe that very soon Michlo will become not only a favorite clothing brand but also an everyday companion in fashion in terms of price, quality and demand.’

AHM Ariful Kabir, Director of Merchandising, Sales, Human Resources and Store Operations of the company said, ‘We have plans to consolidate the position of Myclo Bangladesh as a strong brand in the Bangladesh market as well as in the international market in the future.’

Adahiro Yamaguchi, Director of Global Business of Myqlo, commented that Myqlo Bangladesh’s journey in the domestic fashion industry of Bangladesh is a renaissance of the clothing brand. In a message given on the occasion of the inauguration, Adahiro Yamaguchi said, ‘We have not only launched a fashion brand called Myclo Bangladesh; Rather, we have ushered in a renaissance in this field. Because our activities embody individuality, creativity and enduring social responsibility.’

On the occasion of the opening, these two branches have attractive gifts and special discounts on all products for customers. Also, on the occasion of the launch of the e-commerce platform, there will be free home delivery and discounts on special products and attractive gifts.