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The issues that are getting special priority in the manifesto of Awami League

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The ruling Awami League has announced the manifesto for the 12th National Parliament election. Party President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the manifesto at Sonargaon Hotel in the capital today at 10:30 am.

In this year’s manifesto of Awami League, importance has been given to transform Digital Bangladesh into Smart Bangladesh. Besides, some issues have been kept in the special priority list.

The issues given special priority in this year’s manifesto are-
Making every effort to keep prices within the affordability of all.
Ensuring vocational education and youth employment.
Building smart Bangladesh based on modern technology.
Increase investment in mechanization and processing of integrated farming systems for profitable agriculture.
Expanding industry by leveraging infrastructure and increasing investment.
To increase efficiency and capacity in the financial sector including banking.
Making healthcare affordable for low-income people.
Inclusion of all in the universal pension system.
Ensuring effectiveness and accountability of law enforcement.
To prevent communalism and all forms of terrorism and extremism.
To protect and promote the practice of democratic system at all levels.

On November 15, the election commission announced the schedule of the 12th national parliament election. In the meantime, the candidates have started campaigning after getting the symbols. Covered with banners and posters. The campaign will continue till 8 am on January 5.

According to the schedule, the polls will be held on January 7. 28 political parties out of 44 EC registered parties are participating in this election. However, BNP and other like-minded parties are not participating in the election.


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