Home News The Israeli army claims to have killed another 50 militants during the fighting at the Shifa hospital

The Israeli army claims to have killed another 50 militants during the fighting at the Shifa hospital

The Israeli army claims to have killed another 50 militants during the fighting at the Shifa hospital

The Israeli army announced today that it has killed more than 50 Palestinian militants in the past day during fighting around the Shifa hospital in Gaza. Reuters reported about it.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced today that more than 31,988 Palestinians have been killed and 74,188 wounded since the start of the Israeli military operation in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. In the last 24 hours, the toll has increased by 65 dead and 92 injured, the ministry added in a statement. This data cannot be verified from other sources.


“During the past day, more than 50 terrorists were killed in firefights, and terrorist infrastructure and weapon stores were located. Since the beginning of the operation, more than 140 terrorists have been killed in the area of ​​the hospital,” the Israeli army said in a statement.

Israeli soldiers, backed by tanks, began raiding Gaza’s largest hospital, which also serves as a shelter for Palestinian refugees, on the night of Monday, March 18, following intelligence that senior Hamas officials were hiding in the compound.

The army intervened in this medical facility, one of the few that remains at least partially functional in the north of the Gaza Strip, already in November. A few days later, the accident caused an international wave of criticism, especially from the Arab countries and the UN because of the conditions in which patients lived and died in the hospital.


At that time, Israel discovered tunnels under the hospital, which, according to it, were used by Hamas as control and command centers. Both Hamas and the medical staff deny the misuse of the hospital for military purposes.

The Jewish state launched a military offensive in the Gaza Strip with the aim of completely destroying Hamas after a terrorist attack on October 7, when gunmen from Hamas and its allies killed nearly 1,200 people on the Israeli border and dragged another 250 or so into the Palestinian territory. During the first and so far only ceasefire at the end of November, less than half of the hostages were released.

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