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The initiative taken by Awami League to resolve the conflict

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Organizational initiatives are being taken from the center of Awami League to resolve the conflicts that started in many areas of the country before and after the 12th National Assembly elections. Special extended meetings of larger size will also be called. This is what the senior leaders of the party said. The party believes that the tension created due to the conflict will subside with time.

In this election, many leaders of the Awami League fought against the party symbol boat in a significant number of seats. This inevitably leads to conflict between each other. Controversies broke out in various units of the party.

This issue was discussed in the first meeting of the central executive of the party after the election. As a strategy, a decision was also taken not to use party symbols in local government elections.

However, the Center is considering the fact that the dispute is not going down soon. Therefore, Awami League has a plan of organizational action on this matter.

Abdur Rahman, a member of the presidium of the party, said, ‘There are eight departmental teams. That departmental team will also call the leaders and activists of the concerned area and the team will sit with them. Later, the party chief will hold an extended meeting on a larger scale.

Jahangir Kabir Nanak, another member of the presidium of the party, said, ‘We will call both parties to Dhaka and talk. I will have a meeting. We will listen to both. We will do counselling. Through this I will bring them to the same stalk again.’

Leaders say the Center wants to take time for strategic reasons before party initiatives to resolve the dispute.

Abdur Rahman said, ‘If the place of anger, protest, dignity etc. is calmed down a little, then if you call everyone and tell everyone, it will have a different impact.’

Jahangir Kabir Nanak said, ‘For the Awami League, for the leaders and workers of the Awami League, the discipline centered on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, which has become a disciplined party, the party will remain disciplined.’

The leaders believe that in the end, everyone will be bound by the bond of unity, leaving behind the differences for the greater good of the party. Will support the government by strengthening the party.


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