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The hottest was in 2023, the world faces danger

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Last year the temperature of the earth was beyond imagination. Scientists have already said that the year is going to be officially recognized as the warmest year in the history of the world. That’s it. The European Union’s (EU) Climate Monitoring Service said on Tuesday that 2023 will be the hottest year in history.

The British media BBC says, through this, the danger of the world has increased. Everyone is working to control the temperature in this century. But the year 2023 raised concerns.

Global temperatures have been 1.4 degrees Celsius warmer than pre-industrial levels. This temperature does not seem to take much longer than 1.5.

Samantha Burgess, deputy head of the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, said: ‘Every day in 2023 was warmer than in the pre-industrial era. And if we look at the history, it has never been so hot in the last 100,000 years.’

Every month since last June through November the temperature has surpassed the previous month’s temperature record. Last November’s temperature was 1.75 degrees warmer than the pre-industrial era. If the temperature increases in this way, the scientist has expressed concern about where the temperature of the earth will go in the next year.

Brenda Ekurzel, director of climate science at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said rich countries emit the most carbon. They are responsible for the global temperature reaching record levels. They must take responsibility for reducing fossil fuels.

Scientists believe that the influence of El NiƱo and human-made climate change have played a role in 2023 being the hottest year in the history of the world. Copernicus scientists say that in the coming years, the temperature of the earth will cross the threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius.


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