Home Sports The ‘Hispanics’ reserve the ticket for the Paris Games

The ‘Hispanics’ reserve the ticket for the Paris Games

The ‘Hispanics’ reserve the ticket for the Paris Games

VThe most common version of the ‘Hispanics’ returned to the scene, recent disappointments forgotten, and the Spanish team has its passport for the Olympic Games in its pocket, pending the final stamp on Sunday against Brazil. Their victory against Slovenia, overwhelming in numbers (32-22) and convincing in form, reconciles this team with itself and sends a message of optimism. The Slovenians, on the other hand, come out touched and no longer depend on themselves to achieve Olympic qualification.


32 – Space: Prez de Vargas (Fences); Angel Fernandez (6), Garcianda (6), Serdio (4), Caellas (3), Aleix Gomez (3), Guardiola; Alex Dujshebaev (2), Figueras (1), Morros, Antonio Garca (3), Tarrafeta (3), Daniel Fernandez (2), Sol.

22 – Slovenia: Ferlin (Lesjak); Blagotinsek (1), Janc (4), Cehte (2), Kodrin (1), Bombac (5, 3p), Mackovsek (3); Jovicic (1), Gaber, Zarabec (1), Novak, Vlah (4, 1p), Suholezhnik.

Marker every five minutes: 2-5, 6-6, 8-9, 12-10, 16-10, 20-13; 23-15, 24-17, 27-19, 29-21, 32.22.

arbitrators: Horacek and Novotny (Czech Rep.). They excluded Guardiola (twice), Morros and Daniel Fernández for Spain and Cehte (three times), Jovicic and Mackovsek for Slovenia.

Incidences: Match of the second day of the Men’s Pre-Olympic 1. Granollers sports hall, 5,200 spectators.