Home Business The high price of potatoes and onions, there is no relief even in winter vegetables

The high price of potatoes and onions, there is no relief even in winter vegetables

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On the last Friday of the year, potatoes and onions have to be bought at high prices from the market of the capital. Even in full season, the price of winter vegetables is high. But the price of meat is within reach.

As it is a holiday, the traffic of consumers in the market of the capital is also high. However, after visiting different raw markets of Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Rampura, Banshree, Kawran Bazar areas of the capital, the prices of vegetables were found to be on the rise.

New potatoes are already in the market. But still high price. Compared to last week, the price of potato in the wholesale market has decreased slightly per kg, but it has not yet reached that level. It is being sold at retail for around Tk 70 per kg.

Due to the arrival of Murikata variety of onion in the market, the price has decreased slightly, but the price of old onion is high. 100 kg of new onions and old ones for 140 taka.

Meanwhile, the supply of winter vegetables in bazar is good. Even then, most of them do not match below 70 rupees on average. The sellers have no answer for the price hike.

In the markets, beans and tomatoes are being sold at Tk 70 to Tk 80 per kg. At this time, a medium size cauliflower can be found for Tk 20-30 this time, but this time the price is Tk 40 to Tk 50. A kg of brinjal is Tk 80. The price of a small gourd is 80 taka.

Meanwhile, farm chicken eggs are being sold at Tk 130 per dozen with an increase of Tk 5.

There is relief in the meat market. Beef is being sold at Tk 650 in most markets.


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