Home News The headlines in the international media throughout the day are the elections of Bangladesh

The headlines in the international media throughout the day are the elections of Bangladesh

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The counting of votes has started after the polling for the 12th National Parliament election in Bangladesh. The election of Bangladesh has also gained importance in the international media all day on Sunday. Foreign media are keeping an eye on the country’s election situation.

The British news media BBC reported that after the polling of the general election of Bangladesh was over.

Earlier, Reuters and Xinhua reported that voting is underway in Bangladesh’s general election. Voters are casting their ballots amid violence and opposition boycotts – reports AP.

The participation of the opposition parties in this election is being viewed seriously by the international media. NDTV, Al-Jazeera and CNN reported on the headlines: Voting in Bangladesh elections amid opposition boycott.

On polling day, The Guardian headlined, ‘Bangladesh elections guarantee Sheikh Hasina’s fifth term’. According to the media, the opposition parties, upset by the mass arrests, have boycotted the ‘fake’ elections, which will give victory to the ruling Awami League.

After the opposition parties boycotted the elections, the polling began on Sunday to bring Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to power for the fifth term. Sheikh Hasina has led exceptional economic growth in a once poverty-stricken country, but her government has been accused of widespread human rights abuses and brutal repression of the opposition.

Sheikh Hasina’s party faces no effective challengers in the seats it is contesting. However, in an apparent attempt not to characterize the legislature as a one-party institution, they have avoided fielding candidates for some seats.

Reuters headlined, ‘Opposition Boycotts Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Vote in Bangladesh General Election’. According to the media, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has voted in the general election boycotted by the main opposition party to bring the ruling Awami League-led coalition to power for the fourth time in a row.

At least four people were killed when a passenger train caught fire late on Friday after several polling stations, schools and a Buddhist monastery were torched days before the election. But there were no reports of violence on polling day, as around eight lakh security forces guarded polling stations nationwide.

Minutes after polling began at 8 am local time, Sheikh Hasina cast her vote with her daughter and other family members at City College in the capital, Dhaka. Voting will continue for eight hours. The votes will then be counted and preliminary results are expected early Monday morning.

According to the report, human rights organizations have warned that the country of 170 million people is heading towards a virtual one-party rule after the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP and some smaller allies boycotted the vote. The United States and Western countries—the main consumers of Bangladesh’s garment industry—have called for a free and fair election.

Media Al-Jazeera is publishing live reports. Where the title is given, ‘Voting continues amid exclusion of opposition parties’.

According to live reports, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to win the election for the fifth time in a row, which was boycotted by the main opposition party. Sheikh Hasina cast her vote immediately after the opening of the ballot at 8 am local time. Voting will end at 4 pm.

Counting of votes will begin soon after polling closes, with preliminary results expected by Monday. Around eight lakh police, paramilitary and police forces are guarding the elections. Armed forces officials have also been deployed. About half of the million eligible voters are women and about 15 million are first-time voters.

Influential US media CNN headlined the news, ‘Opposition Boycotts Elections in Bangladesh’.

Voting began in Bangladesh on Sunday for a general election boycotted by the main opposition party, with the country’s leader Sheikh Hasina – the world’s longest-serving female prime minister – set to win a fourth consecutive term, reports said. Bangladesh, with a population of around 170 million, is holding its first election in South Asia this year. About 120 million people are registered to vote. Political unrest has emerged in the country in the wake of Sunday’s general election.

According to the report, the country is plagued with economic problems. About $5 billion in loans were needed from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last year. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has been in power since 2009, voted in the capital, Dhaka. This victory will be the fifth victory of the Awami League-led alliance.

Foreign observers have expressed concern that the country is moving towards a one-party system. The main opposition BNP is boycotting the polls after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina rejected calls to resign and allow an impartial caretaker government to conduct the polls.

Times of India is broadcasting live updates on Bangladesh elections. It was headlined, ‘Sheikh Hasina praises India on election day, highlights New Delhi’s role in liberation war’.

According to reports, polling has started on Sunday to elect Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for a fifth term after the opposition party boycotted the election calling Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s party a ‘terrorist organization’. Sheikh Hasina expressed her best wishes for India, saying Bangladesh is lucky to have a loyal friend like India.

He also highlighted India’s support during the Liberation War in 1971. Sheikh Hasina has led exceptional economic growth in a once poverty-stricken country, but her government has been accused of widespread human rights abuses and brutal opposition repression.

It should be noted that the counting of votes for the 12th National Assembly elections is now underway. Voting will take place from 8 am to 4 pm on Sunday. The Election Commission said that initially 40 percent of votes have been cast.

28 political parties including Awami League National Party participated in the polls. One of the many discussions in this election is which party will be the opposition party in the parliament.


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