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The group of thieves burnt it while stealing money

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A group of miscreants planned to steal cash by cutting ATM machines with gas cutters. Work started as planned. But danger arises in the middle. The ATM machine caught fire. 21 lakh rupees were burnt to ashes. Seeing the fire, the group of thieves ran away.

According to the news media NDTV, the incident took place in Thane, Maharashtra, India. A state-owned bank’s ATM booth in Dombiveli, Thane, was robbed. The ATM machine there was reported to have caught fire in the early hours of Saturday.

It was informed by the police that some miscreants entered the ATM between one and two o’clock in the night. ATMs are unlocked using gas cutters. The thieves tried to break the ATM machine and take out all the money in it. But the ATM machine gets hot due to the use of gas cutter. Then the fire caught fire. The police suspect that the group of thieves fled after seeing the burning ATM.

According to the police, at that time there was a total of 21 lakh 11 thousand 800 rupees in the ATM. Everything has been burnt to ashes. Apart from this, many other things including ATM machines were damaged in the fire. However, the police have not been able to arrest anyone in this incident so far. An FIR has been lodged against the unidentified miscreants. Efforts are on to arrest those involved.


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