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The government will buy oil, pulses and wheat

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The government has approved the purchase of 6 thousand tonnes of lentils and 6 million liters of rice bran oil and 1 lakh metric tonnes of wheat for TCB. 313 crore 27 lakh 6 thousand taka will be spent on these 4 proposals.

This decision was taken in the Cabinet Committee on Government Procurement meeting on Wednesday. It was presided over by Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal.

In an online briefing at the end of the meeting, Additional Secretary of the Cabinet Division, Syed Mahbub Khan said that the total cost of buying these lentils from Chittagong’s Islam Trading will be Tk 62.28 million. In this, the price of lentil per kg will be 103 taka 80 paisa.

In view of another proposal of the Ministry of Commerce, the Cabinet Committee has approved the purchase of 8 thousand metric tons of lentils from Bangalore in the international open tender system. The total cost to buy this lentil from Green Nation Builders will be 77 crore 88 lakh 6 thousand taka. The price of lentils per kg will be 102 taka 36 paisa. This pulse will also be purchased for TCB.

Commerce Ministry came up with two proposals to buy oil besides lentils. In this, approval has been given to purchase 50 lakh liters of soybean oil from Bashundhara Multi Food Products Limited through permanent open tender process. The total cost will be 78 crore 61 lakh taka. Soybean oil will cost 157 22 paise per liter. This oil will be purchased for TCB.

In addition to pulses, 60 lakh liters of rice bran oil has been proposed to be procured locally through direct procurement for TCB. The total cost of buying this oil from Majumdar Products and MRT Agro Products BD Limited will be 94 crore 50 lakhs. The cost per liter will be 157 taka 50 paisa.

In view of the proposal of the Ministry of Food, the purchase of 50 thousand metric tons of wheat from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been approved. The total cost to buy this wheat from UAE company Carel Crop Trading LLC will be 175 crore 5 lakh 49 thousand 500 taka. In this, the purchase price of wheat per kg will be 35 taka 1 paisa. The Food Department will buy this wheat through international open tender.

It was also informed about the purchase of 60 thousand tons of urea fertilizer from domestic and foreign companies.


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