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The gang sold 500 black market tickets a day

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A gang was black-marketing more than five hundred railway tickets every day. It involves the station master, counterman to Sahaja.com and some members of law enforcement. And the syndicate was controlled by two persons named Uttam-Salim. RAB gave this information after arresting 14 people with 1 thousand 200 tickets.

Train is the safest and most popular vehicle in the country. But due to the black market, its ticket has become a golden deer. RAB raided Kamalapur and airport areas to catch those involved in ticket black market. At one point, a person named Uttam was arrested with 850 tickets. Selim’s search matches his information. Finally, 14 people including Tara were arrested, 1,500 tickets were recovered.

The gang used to collect tickets by making porters and security personnel stand in line. Sometimes tickets were taken through the station master and a class of members of Sahaja.com.

Khandaker Al Moin, director of RAB’s law and media wing, said, ‘We also got some clues. We are working with them. IT experts who work on our servers or Sahay’s servers. But the main work is done by the counter manager or those who sell tickets. They also invest here with small capital every time they understand the opportunity.

RAB also says that each route was controlled by a different person in the circle. And even if half of the black market money was taken by themselves, the rest went into the pockets of the countermen, station masters and railway officials.

Khandaker Al Moin said, ‘If we invest 10,000 taka, we get 15,000 to 20,000 taka a day. They also lured those who are in charge of security there. We are told that some members have also joined the syndicate through luring.’

The gang had been blackmailing tickets for 35 years. RAB got the cooperation of some members of the law and order forces with them.


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