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The game is showing potatoes and onions, and the chicken market!

by Afonso
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Although new potatoes and onions have appeared in the market of the capital, the prices are still out of reach. A kg of potato has increased by 10 taka in a week and now it is 60 taka. Not only potato-onion, but all vegetable prices are on the rise. Chicken market too. Blockade and untimely rains excuse traders to reduce supply. But unchanged egg and fish market.

When you go to the market, the first thing you see is winter vegetables. Winter vegetables are available in almost all markets. However, the prices of almost all vegetables have increased by Tk 10 to Tk 20 per kg within a week.

Almost all winter vegetables are priced around Tk 100 per kg even in full season. There is no vegetable under 70 rupees.

A week ago, potato was 50 to 52 taka per kg. Despite the arrival of new potatoes in the market, the price has increased from Tk 58 to Tk 60. Eggplant is being sold at Tk 50-60 per kg, increasing by Tk 12 in a week. The prices of beans, gourd, cabbage, tomatoes have also increased.

Blockade and untimely rains are an excuse for traders to reduce supply to increase the price of vegetables. Among them, a businessman says, due to this hartal-blockade, the car rent of 20 thousand taka is 50 thousand taka. Many drivers come with risks.

Another says, ‘What used to be 30 taka is now 50-60 taka. Everything is expensive. Things don’t come in caring, strike-blockade. Imports are low. Many vegetables have been spoiled by the rain.’

Meanwhile, the prices of new onions and chicken are also high. New onions are being sold at Tk 100-110 per kg, while old onions are selling at Tk 140-150 per kg with an increase of Tk 10-15 in retail. Broiler chicken is selling at Tk 180-200 per kg and golden chicken at Tk 330-340.


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