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‘The Game’ documentary screened in France

by Afonso
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The dangerous route to cross Europe through the Mediterranean Sea is called ‘Game’. Bangladeshis going to Europe have to pay a huge price in one after another tragic incident in the Mediterranean sea due to the temptation of brokers. Thousands of refugees including Bangladeshis are losing their lives constantly.

To discourage people from coming to Europe through this dangerous and illegal route, filmmakers Jai Chatterjee of India and Prakash Roy of Bangladesh are making the documentary ‘The Game’.

It was shown in a hall in Paris last Thursday evening. The documentary was enjoyed by prominent members of the Bangladeshi community, apart from senior officials of the various immigration departments of the French government. Kazi Enayet Ullah, prominent community personality of France and Secretary General of Ayeba, filmmakers Joy Chatterjee and Prakash Roy gave brief speeches at this time.

Speakers said, ‘The picture of immigrants coming to Europe illegally is very cruel and heartbreaking. We hope that the youth of the country will refrain from risking their lives in this way.

After the screening of the documentary, dinner was held in the second part. At this time, the participants expressed their feelings about the film.


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