Home News The friends were going to see the Christmas program, the schoolgirl was raped on the way

The friends were going to see the Christmas program, the schoolgirl was raped on the way

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A school girl was raped by miscreants on her way to watch the Christmas program with her friends in Rangamati. This incident took place in Rangamati Sadar Upazila around 2:30 am on December 24. The schoolgirl along with her girlfriend and 4 boy friends were going to attend the Christmas program on 25th December in Pankhwaa Para.

The schoolgirl who was raped said that they were going to attend the Christmas program from Jurachhari Upazila to Pankhwa Para of Balukhali with a total of 6 friends. The plan was that on the night of December 24, they would hold a festival in the midway at Zoom House. Around 2 am three miscreants came to their Zoom room. The miscreants took him and his girlfriend on the pretext that children cannot be together. A miscreant named Russel Chakma took her to a nearby Zoom room and raped her.

The schoolgirl said, ‘I was taken by Russell Chakma. Another friend of mine was taken by Rubel Chakma and Zico Chakma. Russell raped me.’

However, another student said that she was not raped.

The schoolgirl also said that the three miscreants had sweats wrapped around their necks and heads and masks on their faces. The next day when the matter became known, I could recognize the rapists if their pictures were shown to me.

In this regard, Balukhali UP Chairman Amar Kumar Chakma said, ‘I have heard the matter. Asking the local member to look into the matter.’

Jurachhari Upazila Vice Chairman Riton Chakma said, ‘The incident is true. We have confirmed that Russell Chakma and Rubel Chakma. Accused Rubel Chakma is a resident of Ward No. 5 and Russell Chakma of Ward No. 5 of Jurachari Banyogi Rhama Union. They are both married and are motorcycle riders by profession. They are now absconding. Police and security forces have been asked to nab them. We request that no regional party should give them shelter.’

In this regard, Rangamati Superintendent of Police Mir Abu Tawhid said, ‘The matter has been taken seriously by the police. Raped school girl is being brought to Rangamati. There will be a case. Police and security forces are conducting operations to catch the criminals.


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