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The floor price of shares of 12 other companies rose

by Afonso
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The capital market regulator Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has lifted the minimum trading limit or floor price of shares of 12 more companies. This information was informed in an order of the regulatory body on Monday.

BSEC’s new decision will be effective from Tuesday.

The companies that have lifted the new floor price are Bat BC, Beximco, BSRM, GP, Islami Bank, KPCL, M Petroleum, Orion Pharma, Renata, Robi and SPCL.

Earlier, on Thursday, the regulatory body BSEC announced the removal of floor prices for shares of all but 35 companies. This decision has been effective since last Sunday.

The selling pressure of almost all companies’ shares increased as soon as trading began without the floor price on Sunday. In this, the main index of DSE fell by almost 200 points at the beginning of the day. However, the index lost 96 points after the transaction was corrected.


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