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The first phase of Ijtema started with Am Bayan

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After the Fajr prayer, the first phase of Biswa Ijtema began with Am Bayan. Devotees from different parts of the country descended on the bank of Turag river to participate in the Ijtema which started at Tongi in Gazipur amid tight security.

The worshipers of Maulana Zobair’s Tablighi Jamaat are participating in this phase of Ijtema. Maulana Ahmed Batla of Pakistan is speaking.

Not getting a place in the main tent, many of the worshipers have stayed on the road. The administration has made special arrangements for buses and trains for transportation. Traffic planning has been devised to reduce congestion.

In the Ijtema Maidan, which is divided into 105 khitas, the worshipers are engaged in asking for dhikr by standing in the khitas assigned to them. All kinds of measures including water, electricity, gas have been taken for the facilities of the worshippers. There are free medical camps for treatment.

Meanwhile, the police and the administration have taken various preparations including several levels of security around the Ijtema.

The first phase of the two-phase Vishwa Ijtema will run from February 2 to 4. The second phase will be from 9 to 11 February. The worshipers of Maulana Saad’s Tablighi Jamaat will take part in it.


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