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The first execution by nitrogen gas is carried out in America

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The Supreme Court of the United States of America has upheld the execution of a defendant by using nitrogen gas in the state of Alabama. Earlier, the accused Kenneth Smith had filed an application requesting a stay of the execution decision. The application was dismissed on Wednesday.

According to the report of the news agency Reuters, the governor of Alabama Kay Ivy has set the execution time between 12:00 pm on Wednesday and 6:00 am on Friday morning. This will be America’s first execution by nitrogen gas.

Kenneth’s lawyers appealed to the US Supreme Court and lower appeals courts, calling the death sentence cruel and unusual punishment. It requested a stay of execution. But the court rejected it and decided to execute Kenneth Smith by applying nitrogen gas.

A mask will be worn over Smith’s face for execution using nitrogen gas. There is no opportunity for oxygen to flow through this mask. The mask will be connected to a cylinder filled with nitrogen.

Kenneth Smith was found guilty of murdering a woman named Elizabeth Sennett in 1988. Kenneth and an accomplice were hired by the woman’s husband, Charles Sennett, to kill Elizabeth Sennett. Charles conspired to get his wife’s insurance money. Later, however, he committed suicide. Smith’s accomplice was also sentenced to death for the murder. The sentence was executed in 2010.


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