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The features of the iPhone are in the phone of Samsung

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Google first added a special feature on road accidents in 2019 to their smartphones. After seeing them, Apple brought that feature to the iPhone as well.

The iPhone 14 series phone that came to the market in 2022 had this feature called ‘Car Crash Detection’. This time Samsung is also going to bring the feature to their phones.

Android tipster Mishal Rahman gave this information in a post on social media X. According to the Indian media outlet Gadgets Now, this feature is present in the market’s Galaxy S24 series. Apart from this, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will also have it.

Users will get this feature in the new update.

This feature called car crash detection is very useful while driving. This feature will warn you before you get into an accident. It will also tell you where and how to contact you after an accident. If unable to contact according to the instructions, it will automatically call the emergency number.

Apart from this, Samsung said that several other features of the iPhone will be added to their phones.


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