Home News The FBI announced a reward of 20 thousand dollars to catch the Bangladeshi

The FBI announced a reward of 20 thousand dollars to catch the Bangladeshi

The FBI announced a reward of 20 thousand dollars to catch the Bangladeshi

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the country’s central intelligence agency, is looking for a Bangladeshi national accused of being involved in kidnapping, torture, sexual assault and ransom demands in New York. The organization has announced a reward of 20 thousand dollars to hand him over.

According to the poster published on the FBI website, the name of the person born in Bangladesh is Ruhel Chowdhury (34). He and his accomplices were involved in two kidnappings in Queens, New York on March 27 and May 11. In these incidents, on January 9, Ruhel was charged in a New York court and an arrest warrant was issued. Ruhel Chowdhury is alleged to have supplied the cars used during the abduction and tortured the victims.

The FBI said a $20,000 reward would be offered for help in Ruhl’s arrest. Ruehl has ties to the Hollis, Queens Village and Jamaica areas of Queens. If he is found, he is requested to contact the local FBI office or the nearest US embassy or consulate.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reported that six other people were involved in these kidnapping incidents besides Ruhel. In these incidents, 34-year-old Abu Chowdhury and his wife Iffat Lubna, 24, and six others were arrested last year and in January this year. Among them only Ruhel Chowdhury is absconding.

According to the details of the case, after abducting an expatriate from Jamaica, Queens on March 27 last year, the gang tortured them for about 14 hours. Abu Chowdhury forced the man into a Honda SUV from the road in Jamaica’s 181 Street and Hillside Avenue area. After picking up the expatriate in the car, he started beating him. Ruhel was driving the car at that time.

At one point, the kidnappers forced the person to get out of the car and stand naked on the road. Abu Chowdhury recorded a video of the scene on his phone.

Ruhel Chowdhury, Syed Rubel Ahmed, Saheed Alam, Anju Khan and Sultana Razia also took part in this torture. The man was tortured inside the moving car throughout the night. At one point, when he asked for water, the abductors gave him water laced with anaesthetic. He lost consciousness after drinking it. The victim found himself in a local hospital the next day.

Then, on May 11 last year, another kidnapping incident took place in the Woodside area of ​​Queens. Lubna picked up a Bangladeshi expatriate in the area of ​​72nd Street and Broadway in Woodside. Lubna’s husband Abu Chowdhury was already there according to the plan. He forced the expatriate into a minivan and started beating him. Ruhel was also driving that minivan. He drove the expatriate to a hotel. Abu Chowdhury raped the person there.

Later, Abu Chowdhury called the victim’s father and demanded a ransom of 20,000 dollars. During the phone call, the victim was beaten so that her father could hear her screams. At that time, Abu Chowdhury threatened the father of the victim and said that if the incident is reported to the police, his son will be killed.

In July last year, charges were framed against Abu Chowdhury and Lubna in this case. On January 11 this year, the rest were arrested and brought to Brooklyn Federal Court. If Ruhel is arrested, charges will be filed against all of them.