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The ex-combination of Chayanaut in the renaissance of humanism

by Afonso
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After six decades, Chayanot Sangeet Vidyathan is moving towards its goal with determination and determination with more than 1500 teachers and more than 5000 students. At a time when social hatred is rampant in the country and in the world, Chayanot’s call – ‘I will be a global man if… I am completely Bengali’. In order to express this promise, the alumni meeting of the organization is being organized next March 2 (Saturday) by bringing together the old classmates of Sangeet Vidyayatan. Chhaynat has called everyone to participate in this celebration of the return of the harmony of contemporary Bengali traditions and the reawakening of humanity.

The organization disclosed this information in a press conference organized at the Rameshchandra Dutt Memorial Meeting Center of Chayanaut Culture-Building on Friday (January 12).

Chaynat Sangeet Vidyathan was established in 1963 with the aim of practicing the music and culture of Bengal and inculcating students in Bengali ethnicity. Since birth, they have been immersed in the taste of mainstream Bengali music including Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Sangeet, folk music and classical dance and pure music. Along with the melody-rhythm-words of the music, relentless efforts are being made to build culture and inspire everyone to keep the harmonious society intact. Therefore, the aim of this time with all the former and present partners, is to remember the past and review and think about the future path in the relevance of the present.

Alumni, former and present teachers and organizers from home and abroad who have studied for at least two years in the long-term program of Chayanaut Sangeet Vidyayatan have been invited to the meeting. Already the registration of participants is going on at the cultural building and online. It will continue until the end of January.

The day-long program of the ex-meetings includes inaugurations, commemorations, cultural programs and above all, conversations about what kind of people and country we want to see. There are plans to publish a memoir about the early-mid-current phase of the music academy, narrated by students. Apart from this, there are open voice singing, free coin dancing, playing musical instruments to rhythm the gathering and organizing serene chats.

Former conference organizers commented, ‘We are looking forward to a meeting to be aware of the country, thinking together and having fun.’


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