Home News The entire letter that Bárbara Rey wrote to her son to ask for help and avoid jail

The entire letter that Bárbara Rey wrote to her son to ask for help and avoid jail

The entire letter that Bárbara Rey wrote to her son to ask for help and avoid jail

Bárbara Rey is now breathing easy seeing how her problem with justice has come to an end. After years trying to avoid a debt with the Treasury what he did incurring a crime of taking property, the star has seen her nightmare end. Of course, for this she has had to acknowledge her guilt before the judge, after agreeing with the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office on a sentence of one year and eight months in prison. and a fine of 1,800 euros. Her main intention in this judicial movement was not to take responsibility for the 143,902.24 euros she owed, but especially to save her children from prison and, in the process, avoid spending three and a half years behind bars, as was requested for her in a principle. She herself has confessed in great detail how she committed the crime, but it was unknown how she had managed to reach an agreement with her son, Ángel Cristo. Until now.

Angel Christ
Angel ChristFriday

The actress has not spoken to her son since he betrayed her on a television set. It was in ‘On Friday’ where the son blamed her mother for all her ills, recounted how the blackmail of King Juan Carlos was carried out and, incidentally, earned a direct passport to ‘Survivors’. Despite their distance, they had to remain united in the face of a common evil: if they did not join forces, they would both end up in prison. That is why Bárbara Rey wrote a letter to seek a point of conciliation with Ángel Cristo. A letter that has just seen the light of day, with Santi Acosta and Bea Archidona’s program being chosen for this revelation. We reproduce in full this letter written by the star, which she sent to her son and which has reached Telecinco:

“Dear Angel: Through this letter I convey to you my deepest displeasure for the situation. that, by wanting to help me, I have caused you as well as the rest of the family and friends. During the lawsuit I wanted to clarify that everything was done to protect me from serious gambling addiction, coupled with a very difficult time for all that I put you through. Likewise, I am sorry that this situation has gone on for so long and that now we can all call it a day,” the mother begins to propose to her son the possibility of closing this uncomfortable chapter by reaching an agreement that benefits both parties, although she assumes all of it. the blame.

Bárbara Rey and Sofía Cristo leaving the Provincial Court of Madrid
Bárbara Rey and Sofía Cristo leaving the Provincial Court of MadridGTRES

I want to inform you that I will assume the payment of the fine that will be imposed on you as a result of this compliance to avoid economic damage. You can’t remedy everything that happened. I appreciate your help and patience. Receive a big hug and kisses, María García García”, Bárbara Rey bids a cordial farewell to Ángel Cristo, despite the fact that they have not said a word for months and that she has taken parallel legal actions to protect herself from her revelations on television. That is another battle, the one that has started with the support of Sofía Cristo when she understands that her rights are supposedly being violated on the sets. But especially for fear of what he might say now in ‘Survivors’, where the long hours under a merciful sun make one talk perhaps more than is convenient. For the star, perhaps more than desired.

The opinion of Bárbara Rey’s daughter-in-law

Ana Illas, partner of Ángel Cristo, has taken advantage of his absence during his stay in ‘Survivors’ to go to ‘On Fridays’. On the set she was able to see the letter that her mother-in-law wrote to her partner, and then give her strong opinion on the matter: “It totally outrages me. “I can’t handle all this.”. Especially at the point where his partner wanted to tell the whole truth to the judge, even if that meant going to jail himself and seeing his mother and his sister behind bars.

Ana Illas reading Bárbara Rey's letter to Ángel Cristo
Ana Illas reading Bárbara Rey’s letter to Ángel CristoFriday

Thus, the young woman talks about a phone call from the lawyer of Bárbara Rey to Ángel. “He told her that there was going to be a trial and that his mother was willing to take the blame.”but he had to plead guilty. Ángel said that he preferred to go to jail and that he was going to plead innocent.. However, it seems that he reconsidered and the whole family has been able to avoid a prison sentence, although not the unpleasant fact of having a criminal record.