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The ‘enemies’ voted for Messi

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Earling Holland was slightly ahead of everyone in the race for FIFA’s best player of the year due to winning the treble last season. But fortune turned away from the Norwegian goal net. The 23-year-old Holland had to be content with finishing second in the FIFA ‘The Best’ held in London on Monday night. Argentine legend Lionel Messi won this award for the second time in a row.

Holland can regret this year’s award. Because, despite getting 48 points equal to Messi in the votes of the national team coach, captain, selected journalists and supporters, the Manchester City striker has to surrender to FIFA rules. According to Article 12 of the FIFA Rules, Messi was named the FIFA Player of the Year for a record eighth time as he was the first choice in the captains’ vote.

Now the question is, which team captain voted Messi as the first choice? Of course, you don’t have to struggle too much to get the answer. FIFA has uploaded the voting details on their website. According to that information, the captain of 107 teams has put Messi as the first choice for the best of the year. Holland, on the other hand, got a full five points from 64 captains.

However, the list of captains who voted for Messi is a bit surprising. The Argentinian star, in particular, drew the votes of the enemy in his own box, which helped him win the award at the age of 36.

Earlier, Messi was voted by one-time rival club Real Madrid star and Austria captain David Alaba for the 2022 FIFA ‘The Best’ award. Alaba was made to stand in a row with the fans. This year also the Argentine captain got the vote from the Madrid club.

Messi is the first choice of Croatian captain Luka Modric to rely on Los Blancos’ midfield. Fede Valverde, another Madrid midfielder and Uruguayan team leader, also voted in the Argentina captain’s house.

Messi has not fired up Atletico, another club of Madrid. However, Messi also got the vote of that team’s goalkeeper and Slovenia captain Ian Oblak.

Not only for the club, but also for the country, Messi won the votes of the enemy. Argentina’s rivalry with neighboring Brazil is well known. However, Messi was the first choice of the recently former coach of the five-time world-winning team, Fernando Genis. On the other hand, Argentina’s relationship with England over the occupation of the Falkland Islands is not good. The Argentinian wizard is at the top of the English captain Harry Kane’s list of favourites.

Messi won the most adorable title by defeating France in the last World Cup. Messi heard echoes from the gallery while playing for PSG after the World Cup. Mbappe did not win the second consecutive World Cup because of the Argentina captain. However, French captain Mbappe’s vote also fell in Messi’s box.

If even one of these enemy votes had fallen into Holland or anyone else’s box, then Messi would not have won this year’s award. Then for the first time FIFA ‘The Best’ was in the hands of Holland. So it can be said that Messi has won the award of the year in the vote of the enemy.


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