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The end of the climate conference, the agreement to withdraw from fossil fuels

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The United Nations Climate Conference COP-28 ended with a new agreement to end the use of fossil fuels. For the first time, the agreement calls for a phase-out of fossil fuels in strong language. It calls for a phased phase-out of fossil fuels rather than an explicit phase-out.

Earlier on Tuesday, the COP-28 conference was complicated due to disagreements over fossil fuels. The conference proceedings were held in overtime. The new deal was finally announced on Wednesday.

According to BBC, a meeting was held to finalize the proposal under the leadership of Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, the president of the COP-28 conference. Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber said of the agreement, ‘Together we face reality and we aim to take the world in the right direction.’

Experts consider fossil fuels to be the most responsible for global warming. 80 percent of the world’s electricity is generated from fossil fuels like fuel oil, gas and coal. Therefore, the proposed draft emphasizes increasing the use of renewable energy to reduce fossil fuel dependency. By 2030, the use of renewable energy is proposed to triple the current level.

This year’s climate conference COP-28 began on November 30 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Although the conference was supposed to end yesterday on December 12, the agreement was signed in an extended period today, Wednesday, December 13, as the participating countries did not reach a consensus.


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