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The emperor did not return to the country, died on the road in Saudi

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Samrat Hussain (35) of Feni lost his life in a tragic accident after his car overturned in Saudi Arabia. The accident took place at a place called Shehri in the city of Al Qasim in Saudi Arabia at 10:30 local time on Saturday. Emperor’s uncle Nazrul Islam Shamim confirmed the matter.

Nazrul Islam Shamim, quoting the colleagues who worked with the emperor in Saudi Arabia, said that the emperor himself left for work by driving a car at around 10 am every day. He died on the spot when the car suddenly lost control and overturned in a desert three kilometers away from home. Another colleague who was with him was injured.

Samrat’s family members said that Samrat is the son of Suruj Mia of Matiyagoda village of Mahamaya union of Chagalnaya police station in Feni. He has a wife and two daughters. He went to Saudi Arabia 6 years ago in search of livelihood. Last came to the country 2 years ago and spent a holiday. He was supposed to come to the country next Ramadan. The news of the emperor’s death has cast a shadow of mourning in the area.

Emperor’s uncle Nazrul Islam Shamim said that he is in contact with his colleagues in Saudi Arabia. The process of bringing the body home is underway.

When asked about this, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Chagalnaya police station Hasan Imam said that no one told him about the death of a foreigner in a road accident.


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