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The doll was said to be the alien’s mummy!

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A pair of ‘alien mummies’ were found in the Peruvian capital in October last year. Those who had three fingers on their hands and feet. Scientists said on Friday that these mummies were dolls made of human bones.

Archaeologist Flavio Estrada of Peru’s Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences said that the mummies do not belong to any animal from outside the world. Dolls are made from the bones of animals from this planet. They are attached with modern glue. It was all a made up story.

The mummies were recovered from a courier in Lima last October. Some media later reported that they were alien mummies.

Earlier, in September, a journalist in Mexico brought forward a pair of dead bodies, referring to them as aliens. Later, the parliament of the country also heard about them.

Mexican journalist and UFO expert Jaime Mausan claims that these bodies are about 1,000 years old. In 2017, those corpses were recovered from Peru which were not of any animal on earth. Most experts later dismissed the claim as a hoax.

Peru’s Ministry of Culture said at a press conference on Friday that the dolls found in the courier were related to the bodies presented in Mexico. The mummies found in Mexico are not of any extraterrestrial animals.


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