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The doctor who cut the back of the newborn did not have a degree in surgery

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Sensational information has come out in the investigation of the case of cutting the back of a newborn during caesarean operation at Doyle Clinic and Diagnostic Center in Taltali, Barguna. The doctor who performed the surgery did not have the degree to operate. The clinic has not been approved for two years.

On inquiry, it is known that Lipi Akhtar, a resident of Bara Bagi Union of the upazila, came to Taltali Doel Clinic for treatment last Saturday. At that time, the hospital authorities advised him to have a caesarean section. Dr. Runa Rahman operated on him later that night. During the operation, the doctor cut the belly of the newborn. When they protested the incident at Doyle Clinic and Diagnostic Center on Saturday night, the child’s relatives were attacked by the doctor.

The Barguna Civil Surgeon formed an inquiry committee on Sunday, the day after the incident. Taltali upazila health complex’s upazila health officer Dr. investigated the clinic that afternoon. A team of three members including Suman Poddar. In the investigation, the doctor who operated Dr. Runa Rahman does not have a degree in surgical operations. Dr. providing anesthesia to the patient. AKM Raihanul Islam has no degree.

Also the clinic has not been licensed since 2022. The owner of the clinic, Asaduzzaman Nadeem, being the former joint general secretary of the Central Chhatra League, has been running the hospital without regard to rules and regulations.

Upazila Health Officer of Taltali Upazila Health Complex, head of the investigation committee. Suman Poddar said, ‘The license of that clinic has not been approved since 2022. Dr. Anesthesia to make the patient unconscious. AKM Raihanul Islam does not have a degree. The doctor who operated on the obstetrician. Runa Rahman does not have a degree in surgery. This clinic does not have the trained manpower required by the medical rules.’

Attempts to contact the owners of the clinic could not be reached. However, when the manager of the clinic Zahirul Islam Sohag was asked about various irregularities, he did not give any answer and got angry with the reporter of Independent Television.

Ibrahim Khalil, the father of the newborn, said, ‘During the caesarean section, the doctor cut my baby’s back. The condition of the wound at the cut site is not very good. I will stay in this hospital today too, if the condition does not improve tomorrow I will take it to Barisal for better treatment.’

Barguna Civil Surgeon Fazlul Haque said, ‘Investigation report has been sent to the Health Department. Action will be taken against the clinic as per the direction of the directorate.’


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