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The doctor is accused of cutting the back of the newborn

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A doctor has been accused of cutting the back of a newborn during a caesarean operation at a clinic in Barguna’s Taltali. When they protested the incident at Doyle Clinic and Diagnostic Center on Saturday night, the child’s relatives were attacked by the doctor. The District Civil Surgeon said to investigate and take action.

The child’s relatives said that Lipi Akhter, wife of Mohammad Sohag of Bara Bagi Union of the upazila, was taken to Taltali’s Doel Clinic and Diagnostic Center on Saturday afternoon when labor pains started. Later in the night Lipi Akhtar’s caesarean operation was performed by the resident medical officer of the clinic. Runa Rahman.

At one stage of the operation, despite hearing the sound of the newborn’s cry, it was not taken out of the operation theater. Later, after a long time, when the newborn was given to the relatives, the relatives found the back cut. Blood was still coming out of the cut. However, despite not denying the allegations, Dr. Runa Rahman gave various arguments in favor of cutting the child’s back during caesarean operation.

Mohammad Sohag, the father of the child, said, ‘After the caesarean operation, we hear the sound of the newborn crying in the operation theater. After about an hour the baby was handed over to us. After some time my wife Lippi was taken out of the operation theatre. He then told us about cutting the newborn’s back during a caesarean operation. Then we verify its authenticity. My child was still bleeding from the cut. When we protested this incident, Dr. Runa Rahman attacked us.’

In this regard, Dr. Runa Rahman said, ‘You will see my benefit, I will see your benefit. I did not kill the child, killed? said? Do people die if this is cut?’

Barguna Civil Surgeon Dr. Muhammad Fazlul Haque said, ‘We will investigate. If the back of the newborn is cut due to the doctor’s negligence, action will be taken against him as per the rules.’

The officer in charge (OC) of Taltali police station in Barguna said. Shahidul Islam Khan said, ‘I have not received any complaint in this incident. We will take legal action if a written complaint is given by the family of the affected newborn.’


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