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The difficult return of Eric García

The difficult return of Eric García

UNo of the players that Barcelona has on loan is Eric Garcia. The defender is having a good season at Girona and is being a key player in Michel’s team, which has become the revelation of this season in the League, currently occupying third position in the table. Barcelona’s loan ends next June 30 and a decision will have to be made then about the player’s future.

At the moment Barcelona does not see the footballer’s return clear. If it was already difficult for him to remain in the current squad, and that is why he left last August, the forecasts for next season remain the same or have even worsened for the footballer because the competition is greater. The emergence of Cubars means that there is one less position in the center of the defense for any other footballer.

Many central

Barcelona has eight centre-backs between those in the squad and those on loans. The player’s return options are few, although we must not forget that Eric Garca has a contract with the Barça club and will be in the cul discipline on July 1. Another thing is for him to stay. In Girona they would be delighted that he remained in the team taking into account that the next campaign everything indicates that the team will compete in the Champions League. At this moment, they have a seven-point advantage over Atlético de Madrid, which is fifth in the standings with nine games left to play.


Possible sale

What Barcelona must decide is the player’s release form if this finally occurs. Seeing how the club’s economy is, they think that The ideal would be the sale of the footballer. It would be a way to earn a few million and it must be taken into account that all the money from that hypothetical sale would be a benefit for the entity since they incorporated the player at zero cost from Manchester City.

Decision at the end of the season

Eric Garcia’s market value is about 15 million euros. His loan ends on June 30 and he has a valid contract with Barcelona until 2026. For now, the club will wait until the season ends to make the pertinent decisions.