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The device will tell you how much you have walked in a day

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Many people walk at certain times of the day for fitness. Apart from this, doctors advise patients suffering from various diseases to walk. For patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, regular walking is good for health. So it is very important to know how many steps you walked or how much distance you covered. Currently, this information is known through smartphones, smart watches and fitness bands.

> To know how many steps you walk every day, you must first download and install the Fitbit app from Google Play Store on your smartphone. Then enter the app through Google account and select ‘Continue as a new user’ option and click on the ‘Agree’ button after following various steps.

> Now you need to setup your account by adding your height and weight information. After that selecting ‘Add Phone’ option will connect the smartphone used with the app. Tap on ‘Continue’ button to allow data collection through various smartphone tools and click on ‘I agree’ and ‘Allow’ option.

> After that, if you click on the ‘right’ button under the text ‘You are ready to go’ on the page, the Fitbit app will collect various information about the user’s physical activity. As a result, if you walk in the next time, you will know how many steps or how much distance you have walked. How many calories have been consumed due to walking, the information will also be known.


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