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The demand will tell about the women’s movement and rights

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Hundred years of women’s movement has gone through many ups and downs. Sometimes it has been very fast, and sometimes it has fallen back or slowed down a bit. But the movement never stopped.

The speakers said these things at the publication ceremony of ‘Bangladesh Women’s Movement Demand’ at the Sirdap Auditorium recently organized by Naripakshe. This ‘Demand of Women’s Movement of Bangladesh’ was created based on the participation of various organizations associated with women and human rights movement in Bangladesh under the initiative of Naripakshe.

Tasnim Azim, President of Women’s Party gave a welcome speech on the occasion. The program started with Warda Ashraf’s song ‘Marer Sagar Pari Dev’. All the participants in the event participated in the unveiling of the publication ‘Demand of Bangladesh Women Movement’.

Reena Roy, the coordinator of the women’s movement’s demand list, said, “The demand list was prepared after discussing and reviewing the recommendations of 348 participants from 176 organizations, including women’s organizations, and the information received from various organizations. The demands include emancipation of all women in Bangladesh regardless of caste, caste, class, language, good governance, discriminatory laws against women, women in agriculture, domestic work and welfare-oriented society, safe migration of women, women’s health, Dalit and Harijan women, sex workers, hijras. , the rights of women with disabilities and the role and actions of the women’s movement are included.

Mahin Sultan, a member of the women’s side, presented the demand at the event. Mahmuda Shelly, executive director of Manav Pragati Sangh, Hena Akhtar, president of Ulka Nari Sangh, Falguni Tripura, coordinator of Bangladesh Adivasi Women’s Network, Shireen Akhtar, chairperson of Women Youth Disabilities Development Foundation, Farida Akhtar, reproductive health expert, Dr. Halida Hanum Akhter, Kamrun Nahar, project director and member of women’s side expressed thanks.


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