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The curtain of the festival is falling in love with Apurba-Tatini!

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The curtain of ‘Closeup Romantic Drama Festival’ comes down with Apurba-Tatini starrer ‘Pathe Holo Deri’. Today (December 24) at 6 pm, the drama produced by Zakaria Soukhin is opening on CMV’s YouTube channel.

In the meantime, the audience’s interest in the drama has increased with the release of teasers and trailers. Producer SK Saheed Ali thinks that the end of this festival organized for the first time with the play ‘Pathe Holo Deri’ will be more spectacular. Because, due to the teaser and trailer, Apurva and related people are already praising. Most of the viewers think that Apurba will make a big comeback at the end of the year through this drama.

Manoj Pramanik, Salha Khanam Nadia and others also acted in the play.

After receiving praise from the teaser and trailer, Apurba said, ‘We shot in the deep sea near Teknaf, far away from Cox’s Bazar. We had to fight with hostile environment to shoot here. I hope the play will leave a scar in the hearts of the audience. Only then will our labor be worthwhile.’

Meanwhile, the producer and playwright of the play, Zakaria Soukhin, said, ‘Actually, I tried to capture a big canvas through this work. It was possible because of the cooperation of everyone in the unit including Apoorva, Tatini, Cinematographer Nazmul Hasan, Producer Pappu Bhai. The whole unit worked hard to do this work. I hope everyone will like the work.’

Apurba-Tatini in this drama of romantic story.  Photo: CMV

The producer said that he has created two new songs for the play as per the demand of the story. Written by Someshwar Oli.

Producer SK Saheed Ali Pappu said that ‘Pathe Holo Deri’ is being released as the third and last act of ‘Closeup Romantic Drama Festival’. Earlier, as part of the same festival, Mizanur Rahman Ariyan’s ‘Hadaye Hriday’ was released on November 30 and Prabir Roy Chowdhury’s ‘Valobasi Iyet’ was released on December 7. Both the dramas got great popularity.


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