Home News The crossed vetoes in Catalonia: the CUP warns that it will support Puigdemont if he breaks with Sánchez

The crossed vetoes in Catalonia: the CUP warns that it will support Puigdemont if he breaks with Sánchez

The crossed vetoes in Catalonia: the CUP warns that it will support Puigdemont if he breaks with Sánchez

The uncertainty about what may happen in the Catalan elections on May 12 is maximum because everything is very open, but the possibility of an electoral repetition is already hovering strongly. Because? Because the crossed vetoes are numerous and the scenario of post-electoral blockade seems increasingly real. In this sense, a good part of Carles Puigdemont’s hopes to be president depend on the CUP, but the people of Cupero have ruled out supporting him if Junts maintains its support for Pedro Sánchez.

The CUP candidate Laia Estrada has been very clear and has ruled out agreeing after 12M with ERC, Junts and the Comuns if they continue supporting a “dependent” Catalonia, in reference to their agreements with the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies. “We will have to question the rest of the parties, both ERC, Junts and the Commons, so that they decide,” she stated in an interview this Thursday on “Catalunya Ràdio”. In this sense, he has maintained that the elections will serve to “launch a new direction towards a model that puts the well-being of the population at the center of political priorities”, in his opinion, in contrast to the current model, which is leading Catalonia to climate collapse.

Right now, Puigdemont is banking on remaining above Esquerra and for the independence movement to retain the absolute majority in the Parliament: if that happens, the investiture of the Junts candidate will be in the hands of the Republicans and the CUP. However, the people of Cupero have already warned that for this scenario to occur, Junts must cut relations with the PSOE in Madrid, a circumstance that would leave Sánchez condemned to an electoral advance.

Esquerra, if it is ahead of Junts and there is an absolute pro-independence majority, will have a difficult time revalidating the presidency of Pere Aragonès with the post-convergents because Puigdemont is going to make his support very expensive until it is possibly unviable, although he can also negotiate an exchange of stickers with the PSC despite the fact that the Catalan socialists will probably win, as already happened in 2021: the Republicans maintain their support for the Government and the Barcelona City Council, in socialist hands, and remain with the Generalitat with the support of Salvador Illa.

The PSC is the one who has the best chance of winning, again, but its options to govern are once again surrounded by uncertainty. Because? Because both Esquerra and Junts have already announced their veto of Illa’s investiture. The socialist pins all his aspirations on the independence movement losing its absolute majority in Parliament and, in this way, being able to play both sides: on the one hand, forcing ERC or Junts to give him their support; and, on the other hand, going to ask for help from the non-independence forces, although there would also be numerous complications given that this bloc would include everything from the Commons to Vox and both formations are incompatible. Furthermore, Illa has already refused to be invested in 2021 with Vox votes.

In any case, the post-electoral scenario that looms in Catalonia is expected to be complicated and, in turn, could greatly condition the current legislature at the national level. Sánchez has already resigned from preparing the Budgets for the Catalan elections and it remains to be seen if he has to end up resigning from the remainder of the legislature after the Catalan elections despite the fact that he insists that his intention is to reach 2027.