Home News The cricketer objected to playing for India

The cricketer objected to playing for India

The cricketer objected to playing for India

For the past few days, Sheyas Iyer and Ishaan Kishan have repeatedly made headlines for the wrong reasons. The Indian Cricket Board has dropped Iyer and the promising Kisan from the central contract, who played brilliantly in the World Cup.

Even if it is not said directly, everyone knows what the reason is, BCCI has punished the two for not wanting to play domestic cricket i.e. Ranji Trophy.

Midway through the tour of South Africa, Kishan left the team and returned home. It was then said that Kishan was mentally tired from not being able to play regularly despite touring with the team. Because of that the board gave him leave.

However, the board expected the wicketkeeper to return to domestic cricket after spending some time off. But ignoring the advice of coach Rahul Dravid, the Mumbai cricketer stayed away from domestic cricket.

Now the Indian press is saying that there was talk of returning him to the team for the ongoing Test series against England. But Kishan refused to play, saying he is not ready yet. Dhruv Jurel, who got a chance to replace him, won the team and became the man of the match in the Ranchi Test.

Earlier, another complaint was also heard about Iyer. Iyer did not want to play for Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy citing injury. For the same reason, India dropped him from the team midway through the England series. But later an official of the National Cricket Association said that there is no injury to this batsman in the report they have.

The statement issued regarding the duo’s exclusion, while not giving a specific reason, hinted well, ‘BCCI advises athletes to participate in domestic cricket when not playing for the national team.’