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The cricket ball is like iron, and his head is a magnet

The cricket ball is like iron, and his head is a magnet

Will Pukowski takes the cricket field, the ball hits his head, Pukowski retires as Hart. The career of the 26-year-old Pukovski, who was once admired by Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, has become a concussion (head injury) diary!

Another Pukovski title today, another time it’s because the ball hits his head. Pukovski was batting for Victoria in the second innings against Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield, the right-handed Australian batsman’s helmet was suddenly hit by the bouncer of Tasmanian pacer Riley Meredith! Due to this, Pukovski had to suffer from concussion after hitting his head 13 times.

Pukowski fell to his knees as Meredith’s bouncer hit his head. The team doctor ran and gave first aid. Then Pukovsky stood up slowly, slowly left the field with his eyes twitching. He had to leave the field injured after 0 runs. Now there is a system of concussion replacement in cricket, Pukovski went up and replaced him on the field by reserve batsman Campbell Kellaway.

When did the incident happen? Pukovski suffered a concussion after being hit by a ball on the head last January. He returned last month after taking a break, scoring a century in the Sheffield Shield in New South Wales. In the meantime, I thought again say! It seems that his head is like a magnetic field and his ball is like iron. If not again and again, why would it be in his head! This concussion is also a major reason why Pukowski has yet to score more than one Test in his international career.

There are many concerns about the long-term effects of these injuries on his brain due to repeated head injuries. Pukovsky said a year and a half ago that these injuries were having a negative effect on his mental state more than the physical pain.

After today’s injury, Pukowski’s concussion diagnosis was brought up by several media outlets. It is seen there, Pukovski suffered a head injury before entering cricket. Pukowski’s head was hit by a teammate’s knee during a high school football game, starting with that! Pukovski suffered two more injuries before his professional career in cricket – once in practice after being hit by a ball after being hit by another batsman’s shot, and again by a door handle at home.

The story has remained the same since the beginning of the career. In February 2017, in his first-class cricket debut for Victoria, the ball suddenly bounced on one side of Pukowski’s head while batting. Again in October that year, in an ODI against Queensland. A month later, in the Futures League match against Tasmania, Pukowski suffered another head injury.

Less than four months later, in a Sheffield Shield match against New South Wales in March 2018, he went to ‘duck’ a bouncer, hitting a reverse ball on the head. Pukowski, who was also mentally broken at the time, took a six-week break.

The most bizarre head injury Pukovski probably suffered was in February 2020, amid the coronavirus lockdown. The bat got stuck in the turf and hurt his head! Then in 2020-21 India’s tour to Australia, Pukovski was playing a preparatory match for the Cricket Australia XI, where India’s Karthik Tyagi’s short pitch delivery hit his head and Pukowski had to retire.

In October 2021, he suffered a head injury during throw-down practice, and in February of the following year, he suffered a concussion while playing volleyball in the summer before the match. Pukovsky then went on an indefinite hiatus again. Then it happened twice in the first three months of this year.

After ‘Unlucky Thirteen’, Pukovski may pray that the number does not increase!