Home News ‘The contribution of Sylhet diaspora to remittance flow is unparalleled’

‘The contribution of Sylhet diaspora to remittance flow is unparalleled’

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‘The contribution of Sylhet’s diaspora to the country’s remittance flow is unparalleled. They are contributing to the economic development of the country by sending huge amount of remittances from different countries of the world. Speakers said these things at the exchange meeting of Sylhet Division Expatriate Development Council in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

On January 20, the president of the organization, MA Quddus Khan Majnu, was the chief guest in the exchange meeting at Mosaffa under the chairmanship of vice-president Abdullah Qayyum.

Maulana Javed Ahmad recited the Holy Quran at the beginning of the meeting Ataur Rahman Masum and Habibur Rahman jointly moderated as the main speaker was General Secretary Delwar Hossain Chowdhury, Sajjadur Rahman Sacchu gave the welcome speech, Chief Advisor MA Malek Mallick, Chief Sponsor Mohammad Shah Alam, Mujibul Islam, Abdul Alim, Engineer Rahmat Ali, were the special guests. Abdul Majeed, Shaheen Talukder, Muhammad Ali Sohail, Imon Chowdhury, Motayer Hossain Chowdhury, Azizul Haque Ujjal, Muhammad Hafiz, Abul Kalam Azad, Nasirul Haque, Sheikh Badrul Haque, Abdul Khalek Lashkar, Jasim Uddin, Ajmal Khan, Farooq Khan and others.

“This organization was born to serve every expatriate in the Emirate, especially the Sylhet community,” the leaders said, participating in the exchange of views to speed up humanitarian activities including cooperation in sending the bodies of expatriates to the country.

Everyone must work unitedly to implement the goals of this humanitarian organization A consensus was reached in the meeting on the priority of being engaged in the service of humanity, disregarding the aspirations of rank and file. There is also talk of coordinating with embassies and consulates to solve various problems of expatriates.


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