Home News The continued functioning of the V4 is important for Slovakia, Pellegrini said in Budapest

The continued functioning of the V4 is important for Slovakia, Pellegrini said in Budapest

The continued functioning of the V4 is important for Slovakia, Pellegrini said in Budapest

The further functioning of the Vyšehrad Four is important for the Slovak Republic, stated the Chairman of the National Council Peter Pellegrini at a joint press conference with the Chairman of the Hungarian National Assembly László Kövér on Monday as part of a working visit to Hungary.

Pellegrini underlined that in the areas where the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia find agreement, it turned out to be very beneficial, reports the TASR correspondent in Budapest.

The Speaker of the Slovak Parliament pointed out that the inhabitants of the V4 countries represent almost ten percent of the entire population of the European Union. “That’s why the opinions of Slovakia, Hungary and our other neighbors must be heard more prominently on EU soil as well,” he added.


Pellegrini described the negotiations with Kövér as open and direct. “We are united when looking at the fight against illegal migration. We both protect our own part of the Schengen border,” specified the chairman of the Slovak Republic, who expressed his gratitude to Hungary for its contribution to the protection of Slovakia’s airspace.

According to him, Slovak policemen help defend the Hungarian-Serbian border. They agreed with the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament that Slovakia and Hungary will never agree to the mandatory redistribution of migrants.

“We agreed on a similar procedure in relation to the military conflict in Ukraine. Even if the aggressor in this conflict is Russia, which attacked Ukraine, we must not give up trying to end the daily killing of soldiers and civilians as soon as possible,” noted Pellegrini and reiterated that the SR will not send a single soldier to Ukraine under any circumstances.

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