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The condition of both eyes is quite good now: Bejbaba Suman

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Bezbaba Saidus Salehin Suman is suffering from one illness after another. He has been fighting cancer for a long time. Due to which this singer has to undergo regular routine checkup. In the meantime, he is in trouble with his eyes.

A month ago, Suman went to Bangkok for a routine checkup. But during this treatment, he was suddenly diagnosed with problems in both eyes. Not only that, he had to undergo surgery in both eyes due to the problem. However, on Thursday (December 14) night, he said on social media that the condition of his eyes is improving. He will recover completely within a month.

Suman wrote, “The condition of both my eyes is quite good now. Even if you can’t see it clearly, you can say 90% right. According to the medical report, if everything is fine, I will be completely fine within 1 month, Inshallah!

Suman was accompanied by Mark Dunn, the drummer of his band Moneyless, while Bank was being treated. Bezbaba also wrote in that status, ‘For the last few days Mark Don (guitarist) from our band has been with me, looking after me. Such is the case with the meaningless. We’re not just a band! Meaningless band members and fans are pretty weird! Our connection is not so strong just because of music, we are a big family! Much love to all who were and are by my side! Will return to the country very soon. Everyone will be fine.’

Incidentally, doctors found two tumors in Bejbaba Suman’s body a few years ago. After that, it is known that he is suffering from cancer. Since the cancer was in the first stage, the singer was cured by treatment. In 2017, Suman was returning home after receiving treatment from a hospital in Bangkok. At that time Suman’s spinal cord was damaged when he was hit by a car in an accident. Later this singer had to take treatment again.

Suman finally returned home in 2021 after long treatment for cancer and spinal cord. Now he is suffering from eye problems. Although he said that he is better now than before.


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