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The complete list of killings of intellectuals has not been completed in 52 years

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Today is Martyred Intellectuals Day. On this day in 1971, the sun children of Bangladesh were killed by Pak army and their allies. According to historians, foreign superpowers also helped in this murder. However, even after 52 years of independence, the relatives of the martyrs expressed their anger as the verdict of killing intellectuals was not implemented. They also see the lack of sincerity of the administration.

When the victory in the war of liberation is certain, right before that, the Pakistani invasion forces conspired to demoralize the country. Bengali teachers, writers, scientists, engineers, doctors and journalists were picked up from December 10 to 14. One of them is Munir Chowdhury, an educationist and dramatist.

Professor Munir Chowdhury’s son Asif Munir said in an interview with Independent Television, ‘Since my father’s body could not be identified among many bodies, we had a faint hope that my father is alive. But with time we have accepted our destiny.’

According to the researchers, Rao Farman Ali, a top officer of the Pakistan Army, ordered the killing of intellectuals. The names of many others are found in his diary. Historians also question the role of the United States.

Chairperson of the War Crime Facts Finding Committee Dr. MA Hasan told Independent Television that America is one of the villains of killing intellectuals. In August two men named Duspeak and Hewitt arrived. One was a CIA agent and the other was Kissinger and Nixon’s personal secretary. There is still a lot of confusion about this. Even more sad is that the complete list of martyred intellectuals is not yet available. In 52 years of independence, many chapters of history have been lost.

In this context, historian Muntasir Mamun said, ‘There are various opportunities associated with the list. Government has interest, no coordination. On the other hand, we are less interested in history.’

Despite all the dissatisfaction, the families of martyred intellectuals got some relief in 2013. Moolhota Chowdhury Muinuddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan were sentenced to death by the International Criminal Tribunal.

International Crime Tribunal Coordinator M Sanaul Haque said that the location of Chowdhury Muinuddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan and efforts to bring them back are continuing.

The relatives of the martyrs are still looking towards the government. Their only demand is to increase diplomatic activities and bring back the convicts.


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