Home Sports The club’s fundraising will angers Athletic fans for the Cup final

The club’s fundraising will angers Athletic fans for the Cup final

The club’s fundraising will angers Athletic fans for the Cup final

El Athletic is 9 days away from playing the Cup final in La Cartuja against Mallorca. It is an event because it is a new opportunity to raise a title that has resisted since 1984. Since then there have been six unsuccessful attempts: 1985, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2020 and 2021. The dream is that the replacement coincides with the 40th anniversary of the final won at the Bernabu against Barcelona. However, the Preparations are clouded by the club’s fundraising will, which has opted for initiatives that strain the pocketbook and anger the fans.

Beyond the suitability of La Cartuja or Seville as a venue, which is a question that escapes the Athletic Board of Directors and has to do with the agreements of the RFEF chaired by Luis Rubiales with the Andalusian Government, the members and fans of the Athletic are displeased by some decisions of the management of the rojiblanco club, which make the final an opportunity to earn a good pinch of euros. The The latest decision announced by the Board of Directors has been to offer fans a space to park around 3,500 private vehicles. in the vicinity of La Cartuja. The cost is 7.5 euros per car on the day of the match. He The club has not specified what part of that money will go to its box or how much it cost to hire the space.which is the only formula to know what its possible benefit would be.

Furthermore, with 97% of members registered to get one of the 17,848 tickets for La Cartuja on sale of the package delivered by the RFEF -2,850 were left for contractual commitments and courtesy- the entity announced that would allocate a number of those reserved for the club to a draw among the members of Club Athletic, a kind of supporter card, with offers and certain preferences, which “allocates subscriptions to support the Foundation’s projects as a donation. The buyer can deduct the amount in the personal income tax or IS declaration.” The single price is 50 euros per year and the number of registeredubi considerably when learning that the right to purchase for 300 tickets for the final will be raffled.

Giant screen and barge

Both Latest actions with deep discomfort lead to the day of the match and a possible celebration on April 11 with the ride of the champions on the barge up the Nervin river from Santurce to Bilbao City Hall. San Mam├ęs will open its doors to follow the meeting through giant screens. Los partners of the entity those who did not have a ticket for the final, who were the majority, They will have to pay 5 euros, the same price for the Gazte Abono. He general public who wants to attendl pay 10 euros. All operations have the added 1 euro as a management expense.

He fundraising auction arrives with the hypothetical barge celebrationwith prices for accompanying ships that oscillate andbetween 250 and 3,000 euros, depending on the type of boat and how far it goes on the journey. Many of those ships will also have to pay per passenger. The imposed fee, from which both the Port Authority and the Government Subdelegation have distanced themselveshas turned onmooring members and owners of work or pleasure boats for the pecuniary administration that the Athletic de la.