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The closed road was opened after the news was published in the Independent

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Ghior Thana-Police opened the closed road on the orders of Nali Union Chairman Abdul Quddus Madhu of Ghior Upazila of Manikganj. At the same time, the victim Ahsan Uddin and his family have been instructed to use everything in the society including Kunduria Jame Masjid of Nali Union as an ordinary citizen.

On Wednesday morning, on the orders of Ghior Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sakumar Biswas, the police went to the spot and removed the bamboo fence from the road and opened it for traffic.

Rakib Hossain, the son of the victim Ahsan Uddin, who has been kept in solitary confinement for the last eight months, said that several policemen from Ghior police station came to our house on Wednesday morning after the news of Independent TV online. After talking to our neighbor Shafi Uddin, he told us to open the road blocked with bamboo and go to the police station. When we went to the police station, the OC sir heard everything and told us that he will sit with the people of the community on January 10 and talk about the issue as the election is going on right now. He instructed everyone to remain calm during this time.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Ghior police station Sukumar Biswas said, ‘The issue of Konduria village of Nali union came to our attention due to news in some media. After that, the police were sent to the spot and the bamboo fence was removed from the road.

OC said, ‘Ahsan Uddin why there is no opportunity to keep someone in solitary confinement in the current era. After the election, the chairman of the area and the people in charge of the society will be called and necessary measures will be taken.

Incidentally, there is a complaint of keeping the family of Ahsan Uddin in a single house in Kundaria village of Nali union of Ghior upazila of Manikganj. For almost eight months, the victim’s family was kept in isolation, they could not pray in the social mosque and they were forbidden to bury in the social cemetery if a member of the family died.

Sakib Mia, the son of the victim Ahsan Uddin, said, ‘My newborn daughter died on January 22 last year after our family was kept in isolation in the society on the orders of Nali Union Chairman Abdul Quddus. Due to the death of a newborn child, the imam of the mosque of the community did not come to perform the funeral of the child for fear of losing his job. Later, I performed the funeral of my child and buried him at home.


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