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The certificate has not yet been received, the freedom fighter’s family is begging

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The sons of Shaheed Abu Taleb, the trainer of brave freedom fighters and a weapon maker in Sherpur, have no place to hide their heads. Having to spend the night in someone else’s house without land. Although the father’s name as a freedom fighter is mentioned in the gazette, the acknowledgment letter has not yet reached their hands. Not getting any facilities. So life goes on begging.

Abu Taleb of the then Navinchar of Sherpur district was serving in the Pakistani army. In 1971, during the liberation war, he fled to the area and started working as a blacksmith. Started making weapons and explosives. He used to train the freedom fighters with these weapons. In the meantime, this news went to the Pak invaders. They captured Abu Taleb and shot him dead after brutally torturing him in Ahmed Nagar.

Ever since the martyrdom of Abu Taleb, his family has suffered. Abu Taleb’s wife suffered greatly with two sons and two daughters. After the independence of the country, the elder son Idris Ali started the work of pulling dead bodies to Sherpur Sadar police station. At the same time, he started various applications to get recognition as a freedom fighter of his father.

The government has gazetted Abu Taleb’s name as a ‘heroic freedom fighter’. But the recognition certificate of Abu Taleb as a brave freedom fighter has not reached the family yet. His family is not getting the privileges of a freedom fighter.

Idris Ali is unable to carry the dead body due to old age. The family is running on begging because they cannot earn. And sold a small area of ​​the house. Now they have to spend the night in someone else’s house. Even after wandering around in different places, I couldn’t find a place for my head.

Before his death, will he get the certificate of recognition of his father’s ‘Veer Muktijoddha’ – this is the question that Idris Ali is asking at his last age.

The local residents say that many people are taking various opportunities with the recognition of the freedom fighter. But in the war of liberation, the family of martyrs had to spend their days begging in the next house. They demanded immediate action in this regard.

Shahid Taleb’s son Idris Ali said, ‘My father used to serve in the army. From there he worked as a blacksmith and made weapons. Freedom fighters were trained. Grandmother fell ill and could not go to India. Later, the Pak forces and the Razakars tortured the father and shot him dead. We are suffering a lot. I am working to pull the body. There is no energy in the body. I want to eat. There was a little space, but I sold it. He stayed at Mainsh’s house.’

Idris Ali lamented and said, ‘No one gave me a Laiga of a house, no matter how many places I went. The name is emerging as a freedom fighter in the gazette. I can’t afford it, so I didn’t get recognition; I did not get facilities. I don’t think I will be recognized before I die.’

Local Awami League leader Dulal Haji said, ‘The brave freedom fighter Abu Taleb used to train the freedom fighters of the area to shoot rifles, throw grenades and teach self-defense techniques. Suddenly one morning, Abu Taleb was blindfolded and captured by the Pakistani army. After the torture, this warrior was taken to Kantkhali Bridge and shot dead.’

Dulal Haji also said that the name of martyr Abu Taleb is also on the website of the Ministry of Freedom Fighters. His name is also found at number three in the list of names of liberation war and freedom fighters of Sherpur Sadar upazila.

Hakeem Babul said that due to poverty, Abu Taleb’s landless family could not afford three meals a day. Shaheed Abu Taleb Memorial and Shaheed Abu Taleb Library have been constructed at Nabi Nagar four road intersection at government expense. But the locals are disappointed as his family is not getting any government facilities. They want the family members of martyr Abu Taleb to be rehabilitated.

Bir Muktijoddha General Secretary of Sherpur District Murderer-Dalal Nirmul Committee. Akhtaruzzaman said, ‘It is important to rehabilitate the family of the person we trained. We want this family to be financially supported.’

Nurul Islam, the former commander of Sherpur District Freedom Fighters Sangsad said, ‘It is our failure not to recognize freedom fighter Abu Taleb and his family members. Soon his family will get the freedom fighter recognition certificate of martyr Abu Taleb – that is the expectation.’


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