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The CEO of Formula E throws a dart at Formula 1

The CEO of Formula E throws a dart at Formula 1

LFormula 1 has started as many people expected. Max Verstappen has taken the first two victories and Red Bull does not have a rival with which to compete at the moment. Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula Ehas compared his competition to ‘The Great Circus’ and has said that they have nothing to envy because yours maintains competitiveness.

“We are very focused on maintaining our great competitive nature,” he assured. The British has defended himself from the criticism he received after saying that he was sure that Verstappen would win this world championship and he has stuck out his chest after having run the race in Jeddah.

“A lot of people said at the time that they had no reason to think that way, but look, he already has two wins in two races. Now it seems that the question is can he win all 24 and we don’t want to be that kind of sport,” Dodds concluded.

Now it seems the question is whether Max can win all 24 races

Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E

The CEO has sent a notice to F1, saying that is at risk of losing fans if there is no more competitiveness, something they have in their world cup. “We know that fans love competitiveness and when it starts to fade, fans disappear,” he said.

When competitiveness begins to fade, fans disappear

Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E

Competitiveness in Formula E

In the final three seasons of Formula E, the title has been decided in the last race of the championshipso he believes that is the added value of his competition: “I think we have had eight different winners in our nine seasons. Most of them have also been decided in the last race. It is something we do on purpose.”

His promise if Verstappen does not win the World Cup

It’s not the first time he’s done it. During the Bahrain tests, the CEO He promised to donate 230,000 euros to an NGO if Verstappen did not win the World Cup in 2024. That amount of money would go to the charity decided by the driver who would defeat Max and, after the first two races, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren or Aston Martin have to improve a lot if they want to compete with the Dutch for the title.

“I know that I have made a bet recently, in which you have seen about a sure victory for Max Verstappen, about how sure I am that he will win the World Cup this year,” he explained after the first two F1 grands prix.