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The center right has 184 deputies

The center right has 184 deputies

Under normal circumstances, the Basque right, also the Catalan one, represented to a large extent by the PNV and Junts, would strengthen a Popular Party Government. The result of the 23-J elections was conclusive. The center right reached 184 seats, a comfortable absolute majority. When talking about the progressive alliance and the Government of progress, Pedro Sánchez is silent like a mute who adds twelve deputies with a clear center-right ideology to his radical left formula. The PSOE did not win at the polls on 23-J. He was widely defeated. What triumphed was the elevated cynicism of Pedro Sánchez and the political indecency of Sanchismo, who, to obtain the twelve deputies of the center-right parties, PNV and Junts, fell on his knees before them offering to clear the path to independence.

The reaction of significant sectors of the PSOE to the outrage has been conclusive. Felipe González, Alfonso Guerra, José Luis Corcuera, Joaquín Almunia, Joaquín Leguina and many others denounced the torpid trick. Emiliano García-Page too. A qualified sector of the PSOE has never accepted compromises with the secessionists. Nor with the Communist Party. To extend his stay in the Moncloa palace, Pedro Sánchez has demonstrated his ability to maneuver, giving everything in order to remain in power. The image of the President of the Government of Spain begging for seats, genuflecting before the secessionist whip, is devastating. Both the PNV, and especially Junts, maintain insulting blackmail and are willing to humiliate Sánchez as much as necessary.

No one will deny the President of the Government the ability to remain a tenant of the Moncloa, constructing stories that have nothing to do with reality. The Amnesty law does not respond to the effort to improve national coexistence. The Amnesty Law is the do ut des: I commit to amnesty you and you grant me the seven seats I need to remain in Moncloa. That is the relationship between Pedro Sánchez and the fugitive coup plotter Carlos Puigdemont, willing to return to Catalonia in triumph to repeat the operation of tearing Spain to pieces.

Luis María Anson, of the Royal Spanish Academy.