Home News The Cajasol Foundation delivers its Awards "Drop by Drop of Passion 2024"

The Cajasol Foundation delivers its Awards "Drop by Drop of Passion 2024"

The Cajasol Foundation delivers its Awards "Drop by Drop of Passion 2024"

The Cajasol Foundation held this Wednesday, once again this year, the traditional ‘Drop by Drop of Passion’ awards ceremony, with which, every Lent, recognizes the work and trajectory of institutions, brotherhoods and illustrious brothers of Seville. As usual, the event was hosted by the journalist Charo Padilla, and was attended by Antonio Pulido, president of the Cajasol Foundation; Manuel Alés, deputy mayor and delegate of major festivals of the Seville City Council; and Francisco Vélez, president of the General Council of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Seville.

The president of the Cajasol Foundation, Antonio Pulido, wanted to congratulate the winners: “Thank you very much for your contribution and effort, a work that contributes day by day to making the pillars of brotherhood that we have inherited as a treasure of our culture become more and more powerful”. Furthermore, Pulido highlighted the work of the Council of Brotherhoods, “an entity with which we actively collaborate to make a good part of our Easter agenda available to the Sevillian public,” the president pointed out. This year, there have been three winners of the ‘Gota a Gota’ Candles, work of the Sevillian artist Ricardo Suárez.

In the Culture and Heritage category, the president of the Council of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods presented the ‘Gota a Gota’ to Charo Bernardino and her embroidery workshop. Charo Bernardino, accompanied by her daughters, collected the award. She was one of her daughters, heirs of this profession, who she wanted to thank on behalf of her mother: “Thank you very much for recognizing this work that we have been doing for so many years.. It is a pride for the workshop that the grain of sand that we do in Seville, Andalusia is valued. We put a museum at the level of everyone so that they can delight in the works we make. We are very proud of the union to which we belong and which we hope will never be lost,” he emphasized. In the Social Action section, the delegate of Major Festivals, Manuel Alés, was in charge of presenting the award to the Brotherhood of the Students, for their study scholarship program. The award was collected by the eldest brother, Jesús Resa, who highlighted that “the study scholarship program would not be possible without the collaboration of university Cáritas, the aid from the foundations and associations that collaborates with financial aid.” In addition, Resa wanted to highlight the fundamental work of volunteering that exists around the program.

Finally, the president of the Cajasol Foundation has presented the Honorary Gota a Gota award to the archbishop of Seville, José Ángel Saiz Meneses, for his brilliant initiative to convene the Second International Congress of Brotherhoods and Popular Piety next December. The archbishop began by highlighting that in June he completes his third year as archbishop but that “it seems like nine because of the intensity with which we have to live it.” Furthermore, Saiz explained that “the civil and ecclesiastical life of Seville is very important. When I travel to Rome, increasingly for work, since I am a member of several congregations, if you ask me, I explain all the ecclesial realities of Seville and when I highlight that there are 700 brotherhoods, they are amazed. This reality is great and important.”

The archbishop, from Castilian-La Mancha, has confessed to being one more Sevillian: “That’s not difficult, you just have to get in and let yourself go”. Finally, regarding the congress he highlighted that “it will be a great congress with great content, just like the procession. The same thing as Seville, where things are done in a big way.” The event featured the musical intervention of the Municipal Symphonic Band, directed by Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Juan, the violinist Alexandre da Costa, the guitarist Pedro María Peña and the saetera Ana Martínez.