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The bride went to get married on the metro rail

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A young woman has gone to get married by riding the metro rail without a private car to avoid the traffic jam and go to the wedding ceremony smoothly. His family members also went to the metro rail. The Hindustan Times reported that the incident took place in Bangalore, India.

The bride shared a video on social media X (formerly Twitter). In the video, a young woman wearing a wedding dress has gone to the metro station with her family. Then everyone boarded the train. The bride looked quite smiling. He also raised his finger to show the victory ‘V’ sign.

The caption of the video said, “There was a terrible traffic jam in Bengaluru that day. It is not possible to reach the wedding ceremony on time with a private car. So it was decided to leave the private car and go to the venue by metro rail.The video has already gone viral on social media. Many people have commented in the comments section of the video. Netizens called the bride of that wedding ‘smart bride’. Many users again criticized the traffic congestion.

A user on Twitter wrote, ‘I am often late in reaching my office due to traffic jams. After watching this video, my superior advised us to go to office by metro rail.’


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