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The bowlers did not trust the Pakistani fielders

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Captain Pat Cummins was the hero of Australia’s victory in the second Test against Pakistan in Melbourne. When the visitors were just 98 runs away from victory with 5 wickets in hand, the host captain pulled the team from the front.

In front of the right-handed fast bowler, Pakistan lost all the remaining wickets by 18 runs and lost the match. Man of the match Cummins took 10 wickets in two innings.

Former cricketers are praising Cummins after his match-winning performance after the World Cup.

While praising Cummins, former captain Ian Chappell drew the example of former star Danish Lilly. And while appreciating it, Chappell also brought out the biggest tragedy of Pakistan cricket.

Despite losing 4 wickets for 16 runs in the second innings in Melbourne, the hosts ended up with a huge collection of 262 runs. One of the reasons behind such a score was Mitchell Marsh’s two easy catches at slip and short leg.

Ian Chappell on the importance of fielders in Test cricket said, ‘It’s great to bowl to a quality batsman, but you also have to rely on the fielders. A good slip fielder’s job is to palm the ball and take the occasional blinder (great catch). A good slip fielder should palm about 90 per cent of the catches that come his way.’

Chappell recalled that Pakistan have suffered for fielders in the past as well, ‘Pakistan have never been known for their slip catching. I remember commenting once, ‘Inzamam-ul-Haq is their best catcher, that’s why he is not standing at first slip (ie, Inzamam had to stand because there was no one to stand at slip)’. The same goes for Pakistan’s current first-slip standout Abdullah Shafiq, who has taken multiple easy catches in both Tests.’

Former legends Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis were one of the most successful pace attack duos of Pakistan. However, Chappell thinks that their wickets have decreased a lot because of the Pakistani fielders, ‘At one point in their career, the great pair of Pakistan’s Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis used to take 60% of the wickets by bowling or lbw in ODIs and Tests. This is an eye-popping number. And that shows that these two fast bowlers knew they couldn’t trust their fielders (to catch).’


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