Home News The Biden administration quietly approved another delivery of bombs and fighter jets to Israel, the Washington Post writes

The Biden administration quietly approved another delivery of bombs and fighter jets to Israel, the Washington Post writes

The Biden administration quietly approved another delivery of bombs and fighter jets to Israel, the Washington Post writes

In recent days, the administration of US President Joe Biden has quietly approved another delivery of bombs and fighter jets to Israel worth several billion dollars. With reference to unnamed sources from the US Departments of Defense and Foreign Affairs, the American newspaper The Washington Post (WP) wrote this today.

At the same time, he points to the fact that the United States is sending more weapons, although it publicly expresses concern about the expected Israeli invasion of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, saying that it could endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians who fled there from the fighting in the north. According to WP, the Israeli government refused to comment on the arms supply.


High risk of civilian casualties

The new weapons package, according to WP sources, includes more than 1,800 MK84 aerial bombs, a variant of the 900-kilogram bomb, and 500 MK82 bombs weighing roughly 230 kilograms.

In this context, WP also writes that the armies of Western countries have practically stopped using bombs of the first type in densely populated areas due to the fact that they can raze entire city blocks to the ground and are associated with a high risk of civilian casualties.

Israel rejects accusations of indiscriminate bombing and says Hamas is responsible for civilian casualties because its fighters are holed up in residential areas.


According to Hamas-controlled authorities, at least 32,623 Palestinians have died in the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip since October. Israel started the war in the Gaza Strip with the aim of completely destroying Hamas after the terrorist attack on October 7 last year, when the militants of Hamas and its allies killed almost 1,200 people on the Israeli border and dragged about 250 people into the Palestinian territory.

During the first and so far only ceasefire at the end of November, less than half of the hostages were released.

Some Democrats would suspend arms deliveries

Washington provides Israel, its longtime ally, with military aid amounting to $3.8 billion a year, Reuters writes.

The United States supplies Israel with air defenses and munitions, but some Democrats, including many Biden allies, think the U.S. should freeze arms supplies to Israel unless Israel eases restrictions on humanitarian aid to the famine-stricken Gaza Strip and presents concrete plans to protect civilians during the planned invasion of Rafah.


An estimated 1.2 million Palestinians have fled their homes in other parts of the Gaza Strip to Rafah, near the border with Egypt. According to Israeli and US officials, there are four Hamas battalions there.

“No red line exists”

Biden said this month that a full-scale Israeli offensive in Rafah would constitute a so-called red line. But he immediately moderated this statement when he added that “Israel will never leave” and that “no red line exists”.

The US president also asked the Israeli prime minister to send a team of security officials to Washington this week, to whom the US counterparts would suggest alternatives to eliminate Hamas without the need to invade Rafah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled the visit when the United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that called for a temporary cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and the release of hostages but did not condemn Hamas.

According to the White House, Israeli officials did not dispel Washington’s concerns about the upcoming operation in Rafah, but agreed to postpone the meeting in Washington.

On the contrary, according to plan, Israeli Defense Minister Joav Galant visited Washington this week. Among other things, he talked about how Israel must maintain its military superiority over its enemies.

In early March, WP wrote that the United States had approved more than 100 arms contracts with Israel since the start of the Gaza war last October, which included the sale and supply of ammunition, bombs, small arms and other military equipment.

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