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The Battle of Feijóo in Catalonia

The Battle of Feijóo in Catalonia

A coalition between the PP and Ciudadanos in Catalonia was nonsense. Feijóo’s team should not waste time with absurd projects. He has to focus on building a strong candidacy to get a great result in the elections. In any activity it is bad to disperse. Citizens does not exist. There is nothing left but scattered remains without electoral force and some leader who can be integrated into the popular project. One of them is Adrián Vázquez, who is a serious and prepared politician. It is a party that was very poorly managed, since its leaders did not know how to live up to the expectations of their voters. Damaged acronyms contribute nothing. I don’t understand that anyone seriously believed that there was any use in incorporating them. Feijóo has an extraordinary opportunity in Catalonia, because a success for his party and a failure for Sanchismo would put an end to Sánchez’s crazy plan to hold out the legislature subject to the whims of Puigdemont, Junqueras and Otegi.

It is true that the first stage is in the Basque Country. The PP does not have to go back to being, whatever the result, the useful fool. The PNV has shown that it is not a reliable party and has to face the consequences. He has preferred to support Sánchez and tie his fate to a coalition with the communists, the independentistas and the former leaders of ETA’s political and military apparatus. For its part, the PP must focus on attracting the constitutionalist vote, both in the Basque Country and Catalonia, with a clear and direct message against Sanchismo and independence. In the first case, let the PNV govern with its socialist and Bilduetar friends. In the second, the enemy to defeat is a socialism delivered to Puigdemont and Junqueras. For this reason, it must raise the flag of the defense of the Constitution, the Rule of Law and a Catalonia integrated into Spain instead of converting it, as the independentists and socialists do, into an instrument at the service of secession and confrontation. . Feijóo can achieve it, but he has to ignore the siren songs of the self-conscious right and the political and media left.

Francisco MarhuendaHe is a professor of Public Law and History of Institutions (UNIE)