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The battery will not need charge even in 50 years

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A single battery can last up to 50 years, apart from mobile phones. A Chinese company is going to make the impossible possible. The company has developed a new type of nuclear battery for smartphones.

In a report about the Beijing-based company Betavolt, the British press Independent said this information. According to the report, this Betavolt battery will last for 50 years without recharging. A nuclear battery contains 63 isotopes in a module smaller than a coin. This nuclear battery is capable of providing 100 microwatts of power and 3 volts of power. The battery measures 15x15x5 cubic millimeters. The company plans to produce a 1-watt nuclear battery by 2025.

Apart from smartphones, these nuclear-powered batteries could be used in devices such as spacecraft, AI equipment, medical equipment, microprocessors, advanced sensors, small drones and micro robots, Betavolt said. The company claims that such innovation will promote China to a new stage of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtechnological revolution.

In terms of safety, this battery is much ahead of conventional batteries. It is eco-friendly and non-flammable. Normal batteries are a safety hazard at high temperatures. Betavolt claims that, although it uses nuclear energy, there is no risk of radioactivity.

The next-generation nuclear energy battery is currently in the experimental stage. It will soon be commercialized. Betavolt plans to have the battery on the market by 2025.


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